Contraception leads to corruption - or so the Catholic Church claims.

From a Facebook page:

 "The Catholic Church in its rally yesterday claimed that contraception leads to corruption. I tried to see a statistical basis for this assertion and gathered a few random countries' contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR, in percent) and corruption perception (rankings). It turns out that the Philippines, with the lowest CPR is the most corrupt, and countries with high CPRs (the U.S., Turkey, South Korea, Australia) were the least corrupt. What this means to me is that contraception is associated with the dissipation of corruption, contrary to what the Catholic clergy says."

I disagree with the statement that contraception and corruption are inversely correlated, i.e., more contraception leads to less corruption.  At the very least, though, it shows that a correlation, much less causality, between contraception and corruption has not been established.  So much for that moronic argument of the Catholic Church.  They've got nothing left but to use straw man arguments, appeal to emotion, appeal to tradition, and worst of all, appeal to fear, to hold on to whatever little relevance they still think they have left in modern society.

Unless we Filipinos get our heads out of the gutter and stop surrendering our ability to think and act for ourselves, we will never see the real causes of corruption and the other problems that plague our society. 


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