A message to Noynoy Aquino apologists

Perhaps, let go of your fixation on Noynoy Aquino the person, step back, and regard him as a function. Then evaluate this function on the key parameters that describe the value of most functions - specifications, effectiveness, and consistency.

Aren't those the primary bases for acquiring or employing something for a purpose? Like say buying a car?

Perhaps you are too emotionally invested in Noynoy the person rather than logically critical of Noynoy the function. And that too is what is hindering you from engaging in a discussion about the man that is more mature and detached.

A lot of car buyers purposely buy lemons because of nostalgic reasons or for some other reason based on emotion. But the most practical folk buy cars to get from A to B (and THEN they buy the lemon, when they can afford to indulge). Filipinos, sad to say, cannot afford to indulge in anything, and yet that is exactly what they did when they elected the most unqualified man among the choices available at the time.

You have to decide which one of the two you are, with regard to this whole 'debate' about the Presidency.

[Based on a comment posted on Get Real Post.]


  1. lemonheads live in a world of their own where they are the good and the rest of us are evil. they will never listen. in the last elections, i tried using the "whom would you hire given the qualifications?" bit in a bid to "enlighten" the voters and to help those whom i perceived to be really smart people, choose objectively. i was sorely disappointed with the reactions.

    i heard a very bright premed student lament almost in tears "why is gloria so evil?!" this is the same person who cried when kris aquino was bawling on tv over that stupid feud with ruffa. omg. i was so disgusted. this is our future. this is someone whom someone will be entrusting their life to. what twisted logic.

    a telenovela. this is what our country has turned into. :(

  2. Hey, I just thought of something! That metaphor of buying a lemon, I realised has an even stronger connotation - because lemons are in fact yellow in colour! :)

    Yes, and Filipinos entrust their futures to voters like these.

  3. It also means cowards as in yellow bellies!

  4. GRP shorts. Hmmmmm.

    He was qualified in one key area that the electorate desperately wanted fulfilled: trust.

  5. society of horror (yeah it's a cheapshot), since when did failing in criteria A through Y and passing only in criterion Z actually amount to being QUALIFIED?

    is criterion (let's call it "qualification" for fun's sake) Z a complete qualification in and of itself that it perfectly, undisputedly negates noynoy's being an utter failure in A through Y? are you out of your mind? (don't answer that. i already know.)

    have you ever had a blind doctor operate on you? have you ever given clemency to a dead guy?

    trust. reeks of madoff that.


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