The emerging standard SONA apologists' tagline

Raul C. Pangalangan writing for the today sends out a good sample of what is becoming the de facto standard SONA apologists' tagline. Addressing "policy wonks and the legislative types" who criticised Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's July 25 State of the Nation Address, Pangalangan issued a simple dismissal:
[...] sorry, guys, who says you are the main audience of the presidential address?

Easy as pie, right? Da Pinoy soccer strategic solution to missing the goal is to simply move the goal posts. Go Azkals!

Pangalangan also throws the book at us by citing the "minimum legal requirement" of what constitutes content for a SONA...
To start with, the barest minimum legal requirement says nothing about road-mapping and agenda-setting. All that the Constitution says is that the “President shall address the Congress at the opening of its regular session” which shall be held “once every year on the fourth Monday of July.”

Now that's really low. And we wonder why Filipinos do only the minimum requirement (that world renowned pwede na yan mentality) to get by scratching away a barely human existence. The mentality seems to come from the very top nowadays.


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