Fil-Am males predominantly gay or effeminate nurses?

Sent in by email by a reader today:

Hello there,

I discovered your web site ( by accident today.

I appreciate the literacy of the blog writer and even more the honesty with which s/he approaches his/her subject matter It cannot be easy to write critically about a culture that eschews critical analysis as personal affronts. (I cannot tell from cursory perusal if there is one writer or more than one. I will have to spend more time looking at the site, but the two posts I have read were superbly written and thought-provoking.)

I am a Caucasian American gay male who lives in NYC. Has you ever written about the incredible preponderance of gay and effeminate Filipinos. I often joke that there is one heterosexual Filipino male ... and that he is very tired.

In NYC, the Filipino population is overrun w/gay male nurses in our hospitals. There appear to be female nurses too, but the nursing profession is a magnet for gay male Filipinos. My conclusion (having spent time w/many of these people, unfortunately) is that it must be fairly easy to become a nurse and receive certification in the Philippines and that US accepts these certifications. The lack of intelligence on the part of these people compels me to avert sickness at all costs. If a Filipino male nurse walked towards me, I would tear out my tubes and catheter and run! I can¹t begin to explain the level of ignorance, shallowness and genuine absence of curiosity that these people possess.

Of course, there is the other stereotype, but keep in mind that stereotypes are generalizations from the specific. Gay Filipinos are gold-diggers, who hook up generally w/physically unattractive or much older men who need to take care of someone. The giggly Filipino contributes nothing financially to the relationship but appears to satisfy the older man's needs on some level. The irony is that to have a Filipino trophy boy is an oxymoron because, in the queer community, Filipinos are looked upon as nothing but parasites, in short, an embarrassment. These behavior echo the narcissism that your write about on your site, the foremost desire to have fun (to obsess about fantasy and celebrity and pop culture over all else) and to demonstrate self-entitlement.

I used to have a next door neighbor who was the essence of the shallow Filipino queen. He would pout, whenever criticized, and lower his eyes and say, 'I am a very sensitive person.' What he meant was that he was a very sensitive person when it came to his feelings, not those of others.

I would like to see the POV I have expressed herein examined by a gay Filipino or another Filipino blogger who has greater historical insights into this matter than I do.

Thank you for reading.

(name withheld)


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