Lawyer challenging authenticity of #JusticeForKian video targeted by Drilon, suspended from Facebook

My friend Darwin Cañete, a Caloocan City fiscal who is questioning the authenticity of the Kian video and other reported facts of the case, has been mass-reported and suspended from FB.

His being a Duterte supporter is being held against him by both the Inquirer and Senator Porky. Old posts Darwin made are being dug up to suggest that he is just a blind Digong fan -- when in fact he was at the scene and is a very credible "witness" and authority on the case.

This is a real propaganda war. Those who do not support the Yellow narrative on Kian's case will be taken down.

Please share this as widely as possible para malaman ng lahat na hindi ito simpleng kaso ng patayan na ikinagagalit ng karamihan. May diin ang dilawan dito.

Thanks to Paula Defensor Knack for the [above] attachment.

Jojo A Robles as posted on Facebook.


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