COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista is charged with the same offenses that got Corona impeached!

A lawyer's credibility is destroyed once he can't enumerate the basic facts which forms part or the whole answer to the question asked.

In this case, what was the settlement amount agreed upon? How much was the total deposits of the LDB bank accounts which he supposedly held in trust for his siblings? What was the total amount of referral fees he received from Nilo Divina?

Bautista can't claim he forgot as the troubles with his wife began November 2016. He claims they were close to a settlement sometime May 2017. It's only August now.

Bautista, being the high-caliber lawyer that he is, should understand the meaning of the phrase, plausible deniability.

We must not forget that a Chief Justice was impeached and convicted of the charges levied against him on the basis of evidence which weren't authenticated and thus inadmissible if we go by the Rules of Evidence.

In this case, since Patricia C. Bautista is in possession of the actual evidence, the burden of proof is on Andres Bautista.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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