Here are the questions COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista MUST answer...

I suspect that the Senate inquiry will produce a lot of sound and fury, and very little else, because nobody will ask the pointed questions,such as...

1. If the evidence of Mrs Bautista is falsified, can he produce evidence of the correct figures?

2. Claims that the money is commingled with his parents, siblings etc. sounds like a fall back position in case 1 fails;

3. Can he produce records showing how much of the money is due to each individual ?

4. Can the individual family members show how the money was acquired by them? Was it all declared for tax? Is there not prima facie evidence of tax evasion to justify the BIR opening an investigation into all of the family?

These are just some questions that spring to my mind. Surely the high powered legally qualified talent in Congress is able to come up with more, and more probing, questions than me?

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  1. like opening a can of worms.... cabinet of skeleton ... pandora's box...


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