Filipinos should choose REAL LEADERS, not mere products of propaganda and demagoguery

The problem with Filipino voters is that they get caught in the moment. Nabaril lang ng assassin, naging hero na. Widow lang ng nabaril, presidential candidate na. Anak ng nabaril at ng widow na namatay, naging presidential candidate na din at naging presidente.

Voters should focus on the contribution of a presidential candidate rather than the personality. Obviously, the voters didn't really care if CC Aquino didn't contribute anything to the Philippines and focused more on her  being the media darling and widow of an assassinated former senator who was romanticized by the media but who was also convicted and sentenced to death which makes him a criminal.

In order for the Philippines to improve as a country, we must choose candidates who really did something for the country and not because they are romanticized by the media. As we speak, the closest politician who can approximate Duterte's compassion for the people is BBM. Don't take my word for it. Try researching on what BBM did for Ilocos Norte which helped it become a first-class province. The only first-class province in the Philippines if I am not mistaken.

Take a look at what he championed when he was senator. We consistently need to vote for someone who has actually done something to better the lives of his constituents. Duterte made Davao what it is now and BBM helped make Ilocos Norte into what it is now. These are the leaders we need. Not the demagoguery of the "yellowtards" na puro satsat at walang binatbat.

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