Does Jim Paredes OWN the Edsa People Power Revolution? 😱

By the way he acts and speaks on the video below, he certainly does.

This is a man who seems to have single-handedly reduced Yellow activism to a tired, old, and has-been relic of 1980s emotionalism. The demeanor he exhibits in the below video encapsulates the flawed way with which his generation regards the youthful aspirations of today's Filipino -- authoritarian disdain to quash an aspiration for something different.

What Yellowtards seem to not get is that it was the failure of the Yellow brand that dragged the once lofty equity of the so-called "revolution" down to sad irrelevance today. It was the failure of the Yellow brand that prompted Filipinos to rethink things and consider a man from  their country's deep south. And it was the failure of the Yellow brand that made an entire generation of Filipinos desensitised to promises of "justice" and "reform" coming from the Old Guard of Imperial Manila.

Jim Paredes, being a part of the machines that canned Filipinos for 30 years, should be the first to understand why he is all but a joke today. The Yellow brand no longer owns EDSA and neither does Jim.


  1. And Jim Paredes in the video lied through his teeth. He is an Australian citizen when he said he was not. He lives in Woodcroft and qualified for an Australian citizenship as a 'distinguished person'. His kids are all Aussie citizens too and this was well documented in the Bayanihan News, community news paper for Filipinos in Sydney. I have no problem with him being a citizen, but I have a problem with people lying to push an agenda.

  2. He actually said he has two citizenship. I didn't appreciate the way he talked down to those pro Duterte youth. He was rude and so full of himself. We each have our own choice. We are entitled to it. So please Mr Paredes keep yours to yourself. You are an embarrassment to the once APO Hiking Society band that I once idolized.

  3. Nakakaawa ka Jim Paredes isa kang salot ng lipunan. Isa kang salot ng lipunan ng ayaw ng pagbabago sa bansa. Nakakahiya ka.... wala ka namang nagawa para sa bayan kung hindi makita kang laging nagrereklamo ngayon kung di mo kaya ang mga pangyayari sa pilipinas lumayas ka ang isang tulad mo ay hindi kailangan ng bansa. At wag mo ipagmalaki ang participation mo sa EDSA at hindi mo alam kung ano ang totoong isinulong ng EDSA sa ugali mo palang walang wala. Utak Talangka ka pa din

  4. Paredes was an asshole. But hardly "salot ng lipunan" like that genius above me claimed.


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