Yellowtard vs Dutertard 'war' a boon to the Philippines' influence peddlers

Yellow journalists, priests, they’re all the same. They’re influence peddlers. They make money by acting as rabble-rousers-for-hire.

The Church knows it’s losing its grip on the masses. But they have to maintain the illusion that they still have influence. If they don’t, the “donations” of interest groups will stop. So the Church needs to ride on every issue to stay in the news. EJKs, death penalty, whatever. That pastoral letter last weekend was advertising. A demo of the supposed clout the Church still has. There are a lot of anti-Duterte suckers out there who still might bite, out of desperation and lack of other options.

Yellow social media pages are doing the same as the priests. They’re trying to advertise that they have a following, to attract financial support from groups who are sore at the Duterte government.

The irony is that it’s the pro-Duterte bloggers themselves who are stupidly helping the yellow FB pages get attention. Sasot, Thinking Pinoy, and Mocha Uson keep talking about the yellow pages, so now the FB numbers of those yellow pages are going up. Most of the traffic is coming from Dutertards bashing the admins of those pages, after reading something on one of the pages of the pro-Duterte bloggers. The fools just don’t get it. The more they go to those yellow pages, the more attractive those pages become to anti-Duterte financiers, and the more resources those pages will have to attack Duterte.

The pro-Duterte bloggers just don’t know how to choose their battles. They react emotionally whenever yellow trolls attack them, instead of using their heads. The yellow FB trolls are provoking them on purpose to get them to react, and each time, they walk right into the trap. The guy who makes the videos Mr. Riyoh was the only one who saw through the yellows’ scheme, but seems he’s disappeared.

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  1. You call them stupid? Then what are you- an anonymous cowardly pipsqueak?

    These people you malign have awakened the activist consciousness of millions..sich that these yellows who you fear much have taken pause and scrambled their agendas just to invent new ways of discrediting no avail.


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