Political Will is the secret ingredient needed to fix gridlock traffic in the #Philippines

That the solutions to the traffic problem, thus far, have never been 'solutions' at all, seems to be the 'real problem'. Neither the 'truck ban', the 'odd-even tags', the 'dedicated lanes', nor the 'HPG-enforcement'.. have been solutions; they were just palliatives applied to assuage the symptoms, and were never serious attempts to cure the problem.

What's worse is that the traffic mess, unsolved as it were, just grew into the frustratingly knotty tangle that it is today. The real solution.. the only cure to the long running traffic nightmare.. is 'political will'. It is the 400# gorilla visibly sitting in the room.

It will serve no purpose at all to go through a litany of 'what-might-have-beens'. The facts are still the same; ie.. the ribbon of streets are not about to grow; the inflow of squatters, (I forget the euphemism) continue unabated; more buses, cars and trucks are added incrementally; offices, stores and markets are still being built in and around the core; and, the public are as selfish, inconsiderate and as unruly as ever.. and are becoming more so.

Further.. none of the Mayors, MMDA Chairs, nor Presidents.. have had the gumption, nerve, fortitude.. and the political will to confront the problem honestly and squarely. Neither the just unseated 'Police General', nor the sitting 'Tough-Guy' of Manila.. nor any of the present crop of the 'Satellite Cities' around Manila.. have any time nor inclination to do so. They seem to be afraid of displeasing certain sectors of the public; and, appear to be averse to collectively. agree to one, or any mutually acceptable solution to the chaotic and harmful mess that is plaguing their constituents and, indeed, the country today.

'Culture'(?)…I don't want to go there really. There seems to be more 'culture' in a cup of yogurt than there is in all of Metro-Manila. Seriously, I doubt that deliverance is on the way any time soon.

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