Boycott politicians endorsed by the Iglesia Ni Cristo in 2016!

We will forgive but we will not forget, I hope non-INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo) people unite for the May election, not by going to streets blocking the main roads, but by boycott of candidates that will be endorsed by INC. They were so arrogant though they only held 2% of voting population.

And that excuse! Come on! Your ministers are sending you video messages, if I remember it correctly, you followed to end the rally because a video message from your leader said so, then you will blame a text message for you allegedly unintentionally blocking the EDSA. And besides, interviewed members clearly said the minister told them to go there, no one said anything about receiving a text. I pity the followers of INC, it is obvious you will not be saved based on believing in your sect, because they are liars. And remember "kapatid ng sinungaling ang magnanakaw".

One INC member that was interviewed said that they don't want the Department of Justice (DOJ) to meddle with them because what if the ministers were sent to jail, will DOJ take over INC? I'm disturbed with their way of thinking, as if they view their ministers as perfect irreplaceable leaders of their church. It has somehow become a monarchical government, as if the INC is a state. I hope INC members will wake up from their brainwashed state before it is too late. Don't worship your leaders, worship God, look at how he lives his life, simple, and always spoke the truth, didn't hide behind his followers when someone is questioning his teachings, he answered them all face to face. He didn't require big temples to be built to be the venue of his teachings. If only people will have a basic critical mind, no brainwashing will be successful

But this is an idea of mine and I won't push it to anyone. I just want to share it. Hopefully, INC will not repeat that damaging rally again. Go rally somewhere that will not cause traumatic traffic.

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  1. ngayun alam mu na bakit sila nag rally against delima? anung masasabi mo???


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