Hard work and common sense combined with good education can save the #Philippines

The sad reality is that the Philippines today is led by well intended incompetents, by scheming crooks, or by both who understandably,can't seem to get anything done together. This condition has been festering for the last four decades and it has exacted a heavy toll. The only saving grace seems to be the citizens who have had the patience, persistence and the resilience, (there goes those three words again), to absorb the hard times; to work around the road blocks; and, to keep their chins up.

For some time now, understandably, these 'three virtues' have been showing signs of wearing thin; and, unless they are given something to hang on to and work with.. a raft or lifesaver.. or something.. the people's downward spiral could only accelerate. Many would say that this is a harsh assessment of the country today, and that I am wrong. Goodness knows that I hope I am.

While I am skeptical about a reversal of just about everything that plagues the country now, I am not entirely a cynic. I actually think that nothing is so bad.. that nothing good can come out of it. A turnaround, however can not come overnight, and certainly, not by itself. It will require a little common sense and some, (maybe a lot) of hard work on the part of the more fortunate among the citizens.. the sector that can see both sides of the street and who stand to benefit, as well, from the effort.. and time.

Education of the public is key to this effort. Almost all of the wage earners and tradesmen, after some level of schooling, cease to learn anything outside of his work. TESDA is a great idea, but it seems to be limited to those who have somewhat more of formal school learning.. who want to either switch careers or to just get ahead in his/her present discipline. Neither is TESDA present outside of urban centers, where most other people are located.

For these others, 'Neighborhood Reading Centers', (rudimentary libraries) might work. Civic clubs, (you could read about them in the social pages of newspapers) might find this worthwhile pursuing. The Rotary, Kiwanis and the Lions clubs might find it gratifying to see the less fortunate uplifted while safely and wholesomely occupied. A sustained program for 'Teens' Apprenticeship' in workshops, where they might learn a trade could also work; and so could 'Regular Kids' Summer Camps' where civility and healthful activity are emphasized. The more imaginative and enterprising Mayors or Congressmen might even help, if they were prominently identified with these programs. All these may or may not be applicable as such; but youth programs along these lines are key. Education promotes hope.. and hope is about all that the masses could hang on to in today's Philippines.

Hope and change was not really an 'Obama Original'. It was first said, (perhaps not in as many words), by the National Hero, JP Rizal.. more than a century ago, as he addressed the country's youth then.

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