'Saving Mother Earth' is pointless

Environmentalism has failed. It's been in existence for 60 or so years now, and yet conditions for humans and other forms of life on this planet are worse off than when the movement was born.

What most environmentalists don't understand is that Earth does not need saving.

"Saving Mother Earth" is pointless. In fact, Earth has been "destroyed" more than ten times in the past five billion years or so; it has collided with another planet, frozen at least three times, been through at least one gamma ray burst, and has been hit with countless mountain-sized rocks in its existence.

Environmentalists need to rethink their philosophies, and part of it is understanding that it is the current ECOLOGY (the one with the humans and other forms of life) that needs to be conserved. Even then, they also need to understand that nature and human innovation must accommodate each other–a concept that many environmentalists in the Philippines still need to understand despite their antiquated principles.

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