The utter hypocrisy in #Filipino attitudes towards #sex

I believe that we Filipinos are true hypocrites. We both despise and enjoy, even worship sex. Parents always tell kids that sex is yuck and bad yet they talk about sex positions and orgasms with their friends and neighbors all the time. Men want a virgin wife but would love to fuck a call girl with lots of sexual experiences. Sexual magazines like FHM and Cosmopolitan sell like pancakes (more than Time magazine). Every Filipino's favorite doctor is Margie Holmes, a sexologist. Tabloids with sexy vixens sell a lot more than newspapers. Filipino celebrities love to look hot and steamy a lot rather that being cute and wholesome (think: Anne Curtis vs Toni Gonzaga or Jennylyn Mercado vs Kris Bernal). Pinoys do love sexting too (taking bra-fies, recording own sex videos, etc). There's even competition of whether who has more sexual experiences among teenagers and yupies.

Unfortunately, these same people are the very devotees of Mama Mary who openly states that sex is immoral. They even don't wear appropriate swimwear during summertime because they're so conservative. Duh! Too hypocrite and plastic. Unfortunately, clergymen do also that. They preach against divorce, artificial contraception, and sex education, yet you find them with secret wives, concubines, and children. This is like the joke "sa umaga, hawak ko katawan ni Kristo, sa gabi, katawan ni Cristy" (at daytime, I hold Christ's body, at night, it's Christy's body). Husbands want a faithful wife, but they keeps big harems more that Arab sultans do (think: Ramon Revilla Sr. with 88 children from many mothers) and they 'protect' their daughter's fragile vaginas from being 'broken' by boyfriends while buying their sons GROs from Pegasus and Classmate. Very, very funny, and stupid.

Sorry folks, but PH is one of the most sexually preoccupied countries in Asia, if not, the top one hypersexualized Asian country (more than Thailand or Japan). We have one of the highest rates of sexual crimes in Asia: rape, incest, sextortion, white slavery, etc. We also have the highest rates of teen pregnancies, STDs and HIV/AIDS, and birth rates in Asia. And while the Asian average age of losing virginity is 21, the Pinoy average is 16 or 17. Sexual revolution outside the West is most profound in the Philippines (think: bomba movies, bold movies, and titilating films). And yet we continue to cover up our guilty pleasures and try to be holy and untouched. Ahahahaha. Too funny. We're like '"banal na aso, santong kabayo" (holy dog, blessed horse).

Why is PH such a hypocrite when it comes to sex?

First reason: Our culture is an extension of the 'Pakistani-Peruvian Axis', where Arab behaviors are emulated by non-Arabs. This is found in Latin America, southern Meditteranian, and Arabized Asia. Forget shawarmas and flying carpets. The Arabs usually are devout in religion, yet love to wage wars and are obssessed with virgins. An unmarried Arab female should be virgin to be considered honorable (but the reality is she is just brainwashed so that she will have a high market value to Arab men and not look like 'damaged goods') When a typical Arab male finds out that his wife is no longer a virgin, he immediately kills her because she is already 'damaged' like her vagina is already broken like a shattered glass. Here, because of the Arab's voracious appetite for sex, he becomes obssessed with it that he develops strategies to control women, like the virgin thing, and religion. The good thing is, we are not that as brutal as them.

Second reason: the Latin Culture of Honor. Core Latin Countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, and to some extent, France, though not as much as the former three) are nominally Christian, but actually a combination of pagan and Arab) where honor is attached to material wealth, religiosity, and sexual status but with a twist. Boys should be virile and girls should be chaste, except if a girl wants to be dirty, go ahead and fuck a lot of boys (Madonna-Whore Complex). So, like the Arabs, Latin men should behave like 'boys will be boys' while girls, to be clean, she must only have sex with her husband, if she did that before marriage, she will become dirty; hence, "kalapating mababa ang lipad" (soiled/low-flying dove). Worse is, they have this bias to Mama Mary, making her Virgin Mary, without even knowing the real historical Mary's actual sexual status, to give Latin girls a model to be sexually naive, even if they continue to be faithful to their philandering husbands even if they already have STDs from their husbands.

Both Arab and Latin people are already sexual hypocrites and thanks to them, they brainwashed the free Filipinos' minds to be like them.

Third reason: American sexual revolution. Yeah, thanks to them, we now have birth control, sexy fashion, and free sexual behavior. Unfortunately, we also have unregulated sexualized pop culture, ranging from pop songs (Bruno Mars's Lazy Song, Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball), reading things (Cosmopolitan, FHM…), to dolls (Bratz with lips that look like goldfish), sexting, and the like. Even the girls are encouraged to look 'hot' as young as possible. Include also zealot evangelical Christians who promised virginity at purity balls, yet do have sex scandals like Pinoys do.

Add these three reasons and poof! You got the Pinoy love-hate relationship with sex.

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