Rules and laws don't work in the #Philippines

For example, several anti-smoking ordinances have been passed in Pasig City. These have come and gone and people still smoke in front of areas designated with "No Smoking" signs. The problem is such rules are never sustainably enforced, both by authority and by the very people whose welfares these rules are meant to protect.

Once, while falling in line in the MRT, my line got cut by a Filipino Male. I politely asked him to fall in line properly. He glared at me like I touched his manhood or something.

In this country, being on the right side of the rules/law don't count for shit. Ikaw na nga yung may katuwiran ikaw pa ang mali.

I can't comprehend why discipline and being considerate to others is such an incompatible concept to the Filipino mind.

No wonder there is no foreign word that comes close to being synonymous to the words "Pasaway" and "Kupal".

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