The #Philippines is Noise Central and #Filipinos are a NOISY people!

There is no relaxation or tranquility in the philippines. Even here in the provinces I am bombarded with noise, noise, noise! I feel like the Grinch having to put up with the whos down in Whoville.

From roosters crowing at every hour of the day to dogs tied up on short leashes and barking at the whisper of a leaf to the boom-boom-boom of speakers down the block and down the street in the next town 2 miles away there is no escape, no relaxation, and no tranquility.

Stop fooling yourselves. Pollution is not just trash in the river, it is also unwanted sound in the air. The Philippines is a leader in noise pollution. lets not forget the scooters and tricycles zipping around with no mufflers (because they think it makes them faster) and the loud jeepenys belching thick, black smoke and going boom-boom-boom from the techno music. what a nightmare!

In the west the further you go into the country, the less noise you will hear. In the philippines, you cannot escape the noise no matter where you are.

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