Daang Matuwid and the #CCT: big lies of the #PNoy admin #Philippines

Every time I now hear Daan Matuwid, my blood boils. I don't know why they still insist on it when it now totally paints a picture of everything hypocritical. It is a slogan that evokes an image of a BMW X5, but with four flat tires — all form, no substance. It is used to manage public perception; but, as any lie, it is eventually uncovered by any light. Yet, the cover-ups continue; from Mamasapano to Hacienda Luisita; from car plates to helicopters; from selective justice to selective economic figures. Their cover-up efforts are so predictable and so blatant, they do not even attempt to cover them as cover-ups. What kind of mentality is that which believes it could hoodwink the public forever? It is not daan matuwid, it is possibly Dami Nakatuwad? It can't be: the trust ratings on PNoy and his KKK have finally nose-dived.

CCT is not conditional cash transfer to the poor. It is concealed cash transfer to Hacienda Dinky. My part-time maid who is enrolled in the program receives only one thousand pesos per month even when she signs every time vouchers that say she should be receiving P3,500 per month. My blood boils here too for she would not even attempt to complain with proper authorities despite the fact that every other benificiary she has met appears to be experiencing the same thing. We've told them repeatedly that there is strenght in their numbers, but none of them would move a finger afraid that even that miserable one thousand pesos might just suddenly be stopped — practicality prevailing over principle. One example on how Daan Matuwid has hoodwinked millions that do not mind being hoodwinked.

No wonder China and MILF would not also attempt to cover their efforts to hoodwink PHL. Hoodwinking seems to be natural to PHL politics, so how can PHL complain. Xi Jiping said he wanted to talk, but is building a gigantic forward base in Spratleys. Igbal said we should be happy they are talking to us, but would not disclose their real names and identities while strenghtening their armed capabilities. PNoy talked to Igbal and practically gave the store away. In the process, he also realized he could not even "out-hoodwink" Napenas and Purisima. It might as well then that PNoy is not talking to Xi Jiping, or we might all be awake at nights on what else in our store this president is giving away.

It is not a problem if PNoy realizes that the hoodwinking principle built-in in Daan Matuwid is only good for local setting — that there are dire consequences when one uses one's predisposition to insult any intelligence in an international setting. Our problem is that there is no jurisprudence against stupidity. In fact, I don't think we could ever lock up PNoy in jail for all the damages he has inflicted on the society on wide-ranging issues. As it is obvious, PNoy is clinically insane, and he is now making it more obvious so he would be able to plead against insanity in any eventuality. Perfect crimes are perfected hoodwinks, and vice-versa…

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