#Filipinos need to be led by the nose to progress by a just leader!

As someone from the Western world who has visited the Philippines on many occasions over the last 20+ years,and still contemplating retiring there, I am still completely confounded as to how anything gets accomplished there.

There is an awful lot of chaos in all facets of life,and I know that I can be super critical, but please realize that I am only being this way because I am looking at things from my cultural viewpoint. I really care about the Phils., and want to see the changes that we all write about. You need a strong leader to pull you from the quagmire that the Phils has become.

I don't know much about Singapore before LKY, but it seems he was able to make vast improvements thru the power of his vision,commitment and strong personality. Filipinos respond well to authority figures. Use this to your advantage. I can tell you, as ridiculous as this sounds, that as a Kano, I am saluted, catered to, mobbed, looked up to like I was John Wayne riding in on a white horse, and I hate every bit of it. I am a Buddhist, and like to keep a very low profile. My point is, without a strong authority figure leading the way, all this wishy washy bullshit about the people making the changes themselves ain't gonna cut it, you are just dreaming. I wish too that you all could collectively pull yourselves up by the bootstraps, that you could reach yourself actualized potential, but the vast majority of Filipinos just aren't conscious enough. It is understandable,because you have been led around by your nose by the Catholic Church and other selfish entities like a carabao, not allowed to think on your own.

Self Discipline is not in your vocabulary, realize this, absorb the full impact of what I'm saying without getting defensive. A strong selfless leader,who truly cares about the future of this nation, who can instill a sense of duty,personal responsibility, reverence and justice for all is what is necessary today in the Philippines.

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