Our future of groupthink on Facebook and social media

I read somewhere that nothing still beats music when it comes to efficiently bringing multiple human minds into natural brain sync. And the massively in-sync coming together with a hundred to a thousand others we experience in, say, rock concerts and dance clubs is perhaps as close as we get to non-technology enabled borgism.

If you think about it, in the music business, elite musicians wield so much power over the minds of their fans. Perhaps social networking is the music of the Web and like the rock stars of the older medium, those who are most savvy at playing its features get to define the 'borg'. Those who aren't or who merely consume rather than produce meaningful content are doomed to be subject to its groupthink.

I also read that there is strong evidence that the constant info updating of social media is the active ingredient in inducing the dopamine fix on the brain that makes it as pleasurable or addictive as music, sex, and eating. Considering how increasingly efficient these sites and the devices they run on get at harvesting data about our movements, thoughts, and moods from our day-to-day living activities, the future looks to be an interesting one in our evolution as a social species.

Commented on Ben Kritz's "How Facebook is Turning Us into the Borg"


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