Nice catch up with @momblogger yesterday! @rochellesychua

Thanks to Noemi "the MomBlogger" Dado for the nice chat over coffee yesterday. Apologies to Rochelle for the misunderstanding. I would have liked to meet up with you as well. I'm sure we can find the time for another meet up in the next few days.

In the mean time, it's great to be on the ground putting a new layer of perspective on my observations of our fine nation. Hopefully, I'll be finding the time to share them online (opportunity and net access quality permitting).

Watch this space!


  1. Looking forward... must meet before you leave ok? :D

  2. Will try to set something up. :)

  3. Hi Benign0,

    My name is Tin. I sent a letter to your public e-mail address two weeks ago. I would appreciate a reply. Thank you.

  4. Hi Tin, apologies. I've responded to your email.


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