Friday, March 20, 2015

#Filipinos lack #discipline because they lack a fear of consequences

RESPECT and FAIRNESS both alien concepts to the common Filipino. If you respect your neighbors and the environment, you will dispose of your garbage properly. If you are fair, you will not find ways to cut through the line just to be served first.

The Filipino, if given the chance, will find ways "para makalamang sa kapwa". Be it in as simple as getting in a queue. Someone will always try to cut in front of people who were ahead of him in the queue. Why? Because the Filipino can. Without fear or rancor. And because of the passivity of the other Filipinos in the queue. Only when someone raises a howl of protest will the culprit get in line.

How then to instill RESPECT and FAIRNESS in the mind of the Filipino who have been practicing acts of disrespect and unfairness just because everybody else is doing it and has become the norm in their daily lives? Wouldn't FEAR of the consequences of their actions be fair enough? So how come it works in Singapore or Marikina or Davao? Why not the whole country?

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