#War is necessary to stop a minority terrorising a majority

Firstoff, there is no popular war, there are only infamous ones. No one says fondly of any memory of any war, at least majority of normal, peace loving human beings.

That being said, sometimes it is necessary. To make a stand, a point, to cease a minority making the majority irrelevant, and yes, to make peace. Ask any war photojournalist and they will say the best and the worst of people come out during one, and it is in this rising that people are forced into a quandary wherein they have to figure out, which is the best way to have a life, to be more than survival. Harsh for sure but we've been racing towards it with all the crap being thrown at us.

Its been near 2 decades of this. No time like the present to DECIDE, and finally, to ACT.

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  1. see you at the enlistment, then


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