#Filipinos unable to distinguish #showbiz from #reality!

The major problem with Filipinos and idolatry is that they honestly believe with all their hearts that the person the actor is playing on the TV is them in the bare flesh – never mind the script. So they believe characters personality they play is the same as the actor itself!

When reality is much more harsher. This is part of the reason why villains in teleserye are almost always one-dimensional jokes. Its because the more hated the character is, the more ill-treated their real life counterpart is.

Case and point Jack Gleeson. Better known for his role Joffrey Baratheon. The entire staff of Game of Thrones is really concerned with the guy's future because of his role as one of the most hated villains of the show. As such, the interviews (and the other actors) try to show that Jack is a decent person and so far, his life outside the show has been fairly well. [Its been pointed out after the shooting of brutal scenes involving his character, he makes sure his fellow actors are doing physically well.]

If Game of Thrones were shot in the Philippines, Jack Gleeson would end up getting hanged or worse down here by delusional masses. Because of their inability to separate fact from fiction.

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