Passage of #Bangsamoro Basic Law will go down as another act of cowardice and ineptness in #Philippines

The Philippine National Character is already marked out as cowardly and inept by other countries thanks to their botched handlings of the Luneta hostage crisis, the ignorance of the Ampatuan case (most dead journalists in history which tops even North Korea) along with the mishandling of resources and aid in Typhoon Haiyan aka "Yolanda".

If the Bangsamoro Basic Law passes, the Philippines will definitely be known as a state that collaborates with terrorists and Filipinos everywhere will be mispercieved as ISIS sympathizers.

It won't be long until the "Mexico" of Asia becomes the "Africa" of Asia considering how steep the fall of our country has been in terms of quality.

Its sad its because of this national character, many Filipinos who are smart have fled the country. Like rats swimming out of the sinking ship. Knowing they cannot do anything to alleviate the problem.

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