Lee Kuan Yew would never win an election in the #Philippines! #LKY #Singapore

If Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) were to run for president in the Philippines, he never would have won. LKY is just too ugly and his pockmarked face would never appeal to Filipino voters who tend to favor tisoys or showbiz personalities or people with name recall such as Noynoy. LKY is not eloquent, and would have been no match for the oratorical skills of our forever speechifying Ninoy Aquino or Chiz Escudero.

LKY is just too straightforward, sometimes too mataray and abrasive, which will rub Filipinos the wrong way. His expressions are just too unvarnished, which will hurt our Filipino pusong mamon. LKY does not fit the Filipino concept of mabait, an attribute which Filipino bobotantes are looking for. If anything, LKY looks like Ponga, the intsik caricature ridiculed and reviled in Pinoy pop-culture (of decades past). Most importantly, LKY also cheated in order to win the national election in 1963. A few months before the election, LKY launched the British-aided "Operation Cold Store" to put all his political opponents away. That's how LKY won the 1963 election handily. Given that LKY is a big believer in the concept of 'the end justifies the means', would that sit well with the Judeo-Christian morality of the Filipino people? Nah, I didn't think so.

And if by some off chance LKY were to become the president of the Philippines, the owners of PDI (Marixi Rufino-Prieto and her clan) would be the first to pack up and leave the country for obvious reasons. Given LKY's incisive understanding of how mestizo hacienderos control the Philippines and impoverish 99.99% of the Filipino people, Noynoy, Mar Roxas and the Lopez clan of ABS-CBN would be the first few families to end up in LKY's crosshairs.

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  1. Hence our philippines ended up with marcos, plundering into our hard earned money to buy thousands of shoes for his wife, hiding all the gold and gave marshal law as and when he wants. yes LKY activated Operation Cold Storage but we activated Operation Murder-in-plain-sight. Since liberation what have we got? Corruption from the top till all the way down to Pre-School.

    Yes people buy teachers just to make sure their children gets No.1, corruption starts right from pre-school so what do we expect from barangay captains, mayors, senators. Scandals after scandals. The right people are ALWAYS not chosen, the bad ones gets elected again and again. LKY once said "Some thing is wrong with Philippines. An english spoken country but doing below par compared to other countries in the region" He also wonders why are ex-presidents/officials having gotten convicted for corruption are able to come back in politics, even their Families are able to.

    Our system is Extremely flawed, right down to the core. We all know it and no one wants to change it. Change is where LKY and his team was able to do, and change for the better, for the people.

    We have got one president, doing every thing he can but every one just does not like him. I seriously do not understand our people any longer. Have we gone bonkers ? Noynoy is doing an Excellent job, stamping corruption, bringing our country's debt to ZERO. Within Noynoy's 4 years, he cleared all debts and we are free, Economy is picking up, people are coming back, investing in our own land but yet Filipinos wants him out and for good.

    OK so we vote him out, what next ? WHO next? another Ex-Actor ?


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