Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why any claim of Noynoy Aquino's 'incorruptible' nature has become largely immaterial

1) When the President is selective of whom he considers corrupt, and when he either does nothing about corruption or is powerless to stop it, the significance of his own personal incorruptibility shrinks, if not goes out the window entirely;

- What good is Benigno Simeon "BS" Aquino's own supposedly "incorruptible" nature if others cannot be "infected" with this so-called "incorruptibility"? So much for promising change.

2) Incompetence overshadows incorruptibility any day of the week (twice on Sunday, I’m told), and boy is BS Aquino's government incompetent, which reflects very badly on him as a leader, and;

3) By now, BS Aquino should already have been able to stand on his own two feet, because it’s been three (3) years (almost four, really) into his term, yet he still keeps blaming others for things that his government should have been able to prepare for, and should have already been accountable for.

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