According to Maria Ressa, Wikipedia, "released" a list of "Philippine Fake News Sites"

According to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, pioneering crowdsourcing site Wikipedia "released" a list of "Philippine Fake News Sites". Well, actually she parroted an article title used in the Philippine edition of the almost-porn media outlet FHM...

The propagation of an article written by a misguided author published on a media outlet not exactly known for its intellectual integrity is quite ironic behaviour exhibited by a self-annointed "thought leader" in the field of anti-"fake news" activism. It's wrong on many levels but hardly surprising as this is, after all, Maria Ressa we are talking about.

Wikipedia does not "release" stuff. It does not own or author any of the content it hosts. It relies on the work of an army of volunteer contributors and editors to create and maintain its content. All Wikipedia does is provide the platform for all that volunteer work.

Ressa, being a self-described "expert" on all things digital would have likely known that -- except, perhaps in this instance, she, yet again, did not allow the facts to get in the way of a good story.

Note the insights we gleaned communicating with so called "editors" of Wikipedia here. They are real class acts.


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