Yellowtard double standards and hypocrisy expertly taken apart by @jemygatdula

Let me get this right:

Mocha Uson has no qualifications so is unfit to be ASec but Noynoy who has no qualifications is fit to be president.

CJ Corona who mistakenly filed a SALN is impeachable but sereno who failed to file SALNs isn’t.

The psych results to determine if Sereno is fit for office cannot be revealed to the public but psych results of Duterte’s annulment case is.

Rallying and noisy people cannot remove Sereno from office but it is ok for rallying and noisy people to try to remove Duterte from office.

A student activist rude to Noynoy was arrested, that’s fine; a reporter rude to Duterte was banned from Malacaรฑan, not fine.

Yellow supporters give their version of history, that’s factual; if any other gives an account - even if personal - that differs from the yellow version that’s revisionism.

Finally: progressives argued we don’t need a morally upright, traditional family values person to be president; then progressives hit Duterte because they consider him as not being a morally upright, traditional family values person.

uh huh ...

Jemy Gatdula as posted on Facebook.


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