The video interview series by @patevangelista featuring Ezra Acayan @newshound16 @indayevarona @edlingao @JCGotinga @piaranada that failed to move

What were the Rapplerettes hoping to achieve by producing a video about journalists waxing poetic about their imagined victimhood? Very likely, public sympathy. And when and if they do get that public sympathy, what then?

See, it's that usual headscratcher of a question that remains unanswered yet again after this quaint stunt.

Perhaps these bozos should stop to think that, maybe, they attract so much derision against their persons because they keep writing about themselves. They turn every challenge to their views into a narrative of victimhood rather than an opportunity to reflect then respond intelligently.

This is disturbing behaviour when exhibited by the Philippines' supposedly foremost self-appointed "thought leaders". Rather than serve as an example of people who step up to challenges, they propagate a self-destructive habit of shrinking into comfy cliques of mutually-assuring cronies -- precisely the sort of dysfunctional social mechanism that retards intellectual advancement and atrophies competitive faculties.

Hardly surprising seeing these "role models" that Philippine society remains so socially backward and intellectually bankrupt.


  1. Because it is easier to play victim than justify what you stand for


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