James Deakin should sue Tonyo Cruz for making slanderous assertions about him that are untrue

In a tweet, Tonyo Cruz made assumptions upon assumptions about the circumstances surrounding Deakin's photo with Bongbong Marcos, et al. The photo had apparently sent  the whole community of Martial Law Crybabies screeching  over this  latest  outrage  fad. On these, Cruz built conclusions that are, as expected, flawed and, because he issues them in a tweet, possibly libelous.

James Deakin, please don’t portray yourself as a victim of hate. Please lang. Konting perspective naman. Maraming buhay ang sinira ng BFF mong si BBM at ang pamilya nya. The Marcoses destroyed Toyota. They plundered the economy. Why do PR for BBM wittingly or unwittingly?

The tweet refers to appeal for sobriety posted on Facebook by Deakin where perfectly valid points were made that put the photo in proper perspective -- perspective that escapes the Taliban-like logic of "social justice warriors" like Cruz.

So I woke up to a whole Twitterverse of hate this morning. All based on a single picture taken with Brandon Vera, Jun Palafox and Bong Bong Marcos. 
Funny that nobody even knows what it is about, but already conclusions are drawn and judgement is handed down. If it interests anyone, this is for an upcoming vlog I call “How do you solve a problem like Manila” it is just one of thousands of recorded conversations I’ve had with lawmakers, politicians and other government officials through the course of my career.  It is what I do. 
So all I can say is this: I’m not a BBM defender. I’m not a BBM detractor. I’m a transport journalist and road safety advocate that is passionate about finding solutions to this traffic crisis we are all going through. And that requires having conversations and interviews with a whole range of people. Not just people that I like or who agree with me. And that is the very least you should expect from an objective journalist.

Reason of course does not stop minds addled by obsessive partisanism. Another "thought leader", Noemi "The Momblogger" Dado chimes in just the same, insisting that the reactions from her self-righteous camp are expressions of "anger and disappointment." She goes further  to screech...

To be used by the Marcoses to [rehabilitate] their image. How infuriating!

Lazy thinking in combination with colossal lack of perspective. It is no wonder Philippine activism has become the intellectual wasteland that it is today.


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