Call for @Facebook to implement a "democracy-friendly algorithm" another LOSER advocacy of @RapplerDotCom

Rappler got the theory right. Now it just needs to practice this theory that it preaches in its recent op-ed piece.

The first step is to understand our new world today. This is the reason why Rappler maintains a database of Facebook accounts based on impact and scale. These fact-based, data-based analysis form the foundation of our stories on social media and the propaganda machine. The data shows us that no effective counter-narrative or distribution network has scaled like the pro-Duterte networks on Facebook.


So the call to action for Rappler and the Philippines' broader political Opposition is to step up to the challenge of competing for Filipinos' minds. And in today's world, doing that successfully means developing that compelling narrative and subjecting it to the competitive landscape of 21st Century social media activism.

But instead of applying a more sportsman-like attitude to the challenge at hand, Rappler, instead, chooses to chuck a whine...

As Maria Ressa said when Rappler received the Democracy award last month, “We are seeing free speech used as an excuse for posts that incite hate and violence deployed against journalists, activists, and anyone perceived to be critical of government. The excuse of free speech is being used to stifle free speech.” 

And so, get a load of this ululation...

Finally, we at Rappler appeal to the technology platforms to assess and act quickly to make their algorithms friendlier to democracy, especially in more vulnerable, emerging democracies around the world.


Imagine appealing to the Philippines' Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to implement a "democracy-friendly" counting system. Hey wait... 😮

Rather than be a crybaby about how "unfair" the world is, Rappler should compete. Democracy is a platform for competing ideologies and personalities to win the favours of the voters. It seems that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa has forgotten the point of it all.


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