Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay (@fthilbay) gets the definition of poverty all wrong! 😮

It's now wonder Filipinos remain poor. They are being taught by their most revered "thought leaders" that poverty is everyone else's fault but theirs.

According to Hilbay...

Poverty is overwhelmingly NOT a choice; people are simply born into it. It is artificial, & strips people of dignity. It's the consequence of an unjust socio-economic structure, entrenched & legitimized by the legal system. 
The most recent example of this injustice is TRAIN.

Not true. The real definition of poverty is far more confronting and can be digested only by people who can handle the truth...

Poverty is a habitual entering into commitments one is inherently unable to honour.

When an entire people are continuously told that someone else, or a higher power, is responsible for their fortunes (or misfortunes), guess what: they will soon forget how to take personal accountability for their own prosperity.

Chronic poverty in the Philippines is the legacy of generations of Filipinos being assured that their poverty is a "blessed" condition that is up to somebody else to solve.


  1. Actually, there is a higher power which is directly responsible for imposing poverty on the people of the Philippines: government. However, this is not to suggest that government can remove people's poverty, for it cannot; government is only able to inflict poverty on a population, it is the people's own responsibility to accept that they as individuals are alone responsible for their own welfare, and so to escape poverty they must learn to create wealth, such wealth that other people are willing and wanting to spend their money to buy. It is only through self-discipline, individualism, responsibility, and capitalist free trade that poverty can be reduced or even eliminated, and bring about peace and prosperity.

    Government redistribution of the wealth only makes everyone poorer. Such socialist policies only benefit those who are in power.

    Learn how to create wealth yourself instead of taking it from your neighbors and foreigners, because that's what you are doing when you accept anything from the government; you are participating in theft! Government produces nothing, so it has nothing to give to you unless it first steals it from others - and that promotes poverty.

    Instead of robbing your neighbors through government, create wealth yourself by providing goods or services which people are willing to pay for. Do that, and you will leave poverty behind you. There's no need to always depend on others, make depending on yourself a lifelong habit. That is the secret to becoming rich.


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