Dissenting opinion BLOCKED by free speech "advocates" @MariaRessa and @RaissaWriter! 😱

Folks, let me beg for your indulgence on a personal matter.

I would like convey my utmost appreciation to Maria Ressa and Raissa Robles, two of our country's leading advocate of freedom and democracy and staunch anti dictatorship and anti-martial rule libertarians.

Thank you ladies for reporting my Twitter account last night, and disabling it for about 12 hours.

This highly courageous move of yours is really what democracy is all about. What you did is most amazing in upholding our inalienable right to free speech, which is guaranteed under our most basic law.

Bravo! We need more human beings  like you in our society that is continued to be dominated by your fellow hypocrites and morons.

Thank you Raissa and Ressa, our beacons of liberty!

On this note, I am so happy to inform you that Twitter has restored my account, @macdclopez, to its full functionality so please wait as I shall resume offending and assaulting your democratic senses shortly...

I hope this time, you won't resort to Martial Law to kill my tweets. You hate it right?

All my love,

Mark 😬

Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


  1. yay bring it on, to these two fugly hypocrites

  2. i clicked to read your post and wanted to slam you, hahaha! forgive me. god bless you!

  3. Nag salita ang isa sa mga tuta nga mga oligarchs...you cant handke P.Diddy!

  4. Raissa Robles and Maria Ressa are paid writers. Yellow media. Hindi na dapat pinapatulan yan dalawang yan. Contigious ang kabobohan ng mga yan. Pag di magpapabayad mga yan, walang ikakabuhay mga yan.

  5. Rappler is beholden to foreign money. Just look at the real ownership structure of the company.


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