Twitter "influencers" like @jonasbagas: wishing for Duterte's death and accusing him of murder? 😱

In a post on Facebook, it seems Twitter "influencer" Jonas Bagas is (1) expressing a wish that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte be dead and (2) accusing him of murdering thousands of Filipinos?

What do you think? Below is a copy of his statement. You be the judge.

I am torn about Duterte's condition. To wish for his death is undeniably the most human reaction to the monstrosity that we're facing. If his mortality means an end to the killings, the fakery, the gross abuses, then so be it; it will be a relief, especially to those powerless against his machinery of violence, of dehumanizing fakery. If Duterte is sick, and it appears his condition is worsening, then I am also one of those who wish that his sickness will put an end to our suffering. 
But I also agree with those who want Duterte to be alive so he can face justice, those who believe that he should be denied the grace that mortality gives to all, good or evil. The court of humanity first before facing death. There should be reckoning about his crimes, he and his cohorts should live the rest of his life behind bars, and his crime should be told, again and again, not to cause pain to him and his loved ones, but to remind him and supporters of his regime the truth that no fakery or lies can erase: that Duterte and his cohorts killed thousands without just cause, and what they did is not just a crime against Filipinos but a crime against humanity. 
I want this reckoning to happen to deny his industrial complex of online trolls the myth that they can use to immortalize their own fakery. I want this reckoning to happen in an impartial court to show his online trolls that they have been insulting our conscience by reducing this issue as a case of dilawan envy; that a lie repeated by a thousand shares is still a lie. Dead or alive, I want Duterte and his cohorts to face reckoning and justice until the truth becomes the ember that comforts those who suffered, until truth becomes a burning coal inside the throats of Duterte's grand liars.

Above was also tweeted here.


  1. it is those like asshole jonasbagas who should die!


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