An ode to the unrealized dream that is the #Philippines

Let us get together with beer by the pints
To chat 'bout anything even taxes and fines
Just do not be numb with needles and pins
Don't you know it is more fun in the Philippines

Philip is Greek, to tell you honestly
It means a lover, also one who's friendly
Sweet smelling pines were also of me
But you cut the pines and took the beauty from me

A puzzle, Pinoy, when will you mature?
Was expecting more from you the love of nature
This wall for the ocean called Pacific
An archipelago, my islands are terrific

Unity is what I dreamt a long time
My body are islands scattered without rhyme
Only to lead you, not about the body
Rather the spirit that brings true unity

If only you know, there's gold in my land
Sadly, ti's only the greedy who had a hand
To grab what is supposed to be for all
What a wasted investment, it ain't gonna roll

Can we tell those souls who are so greedy
They divide me with their blindness to the needy
Yet, is it true that we are those lovers
How is it you have no care for the others

I am shattered now as my people cry
Please wipe your tears so you can see the how and why
It is for you to seek that you may find
What is commonsense, that's natural to the mind

Didn't you know what is about nature's gift
That when it is not shared, it will not give a lift
Listen, for I'll tell you how nature is.
It will stop to give when ego is the basis

LuzViMinda, stop being depressed
You have your work cut out for you, hope that's impressed
If it's beauty that you all want to see
Go back to values, jump out of that murky sea

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