Jejomar #Binay may be the next "#Erap" presidency

In the current brinkmanship, Binay is winning; the surveys confirm this. Binay does not care about his credibility, he is catering to the economic classes C, D and E, the mass of people that decides who becomes the president. We cannot even attempt how CDE defines credibility for they define anything universal based on particulars they may be individually in. It has nothing to do with what is good for the nation, and that is why they have elected time and time again bungling fools as leaders.

Binay still has to be careful, however. He is already insulting the intelligence of A, B and C, who may not have the number to decide elections, but who have the clout to bring down a government. During the two successful "people power", it was ABC that whipped up hysteria and that daily delivered the trucks of food and drinks that made CDE participate in mass actions where not all were even clear as to the whys of the actions. If Binay wins and at the rate he is going, he may find himself going the way Erap went, and that is not difficult to see.

Even before Erap became president, the Makati Business Club did not like him at all. Here, it is worth noting that the relationship of Binay with MBC and other trade associations in Makati has also never been cordial. The reason has been the persistent rumors that Binay is corrupt long before the present Blue Ribbon hearings. If you work in Makati, you would have to be a person oblivious to anything if you have not heard these rumors. As of now, we have no clear idea as to how the ABC crowd is reacting to the hearings, but if there is any indication that Binay may be alienating said segment, we only have to note that CBCP made the unusual move of inviting him to a private meeting — and we are now gathering from leaks that meeting has not been good for Binay. The bishops have become skeptical, as one priest who was in the meeting said: "This Binay will not do anything good for the nation; his explanations all sounded superficial — unconvincing alibis. I can't trust him." Binay may win the presidency, but lose in the end.

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