Why does it always have to be about Binay in 2016?

100 million Filipinos and this is all we can come up with for 2016?

The question of the VP's corruption, though still needed to be proven in a court of law is very simple to answer, as there is no-way the Binay Family can amass the amount of wealth they currently have with out dipping their dirty hands in the City's coffers. As I have said this still needs to be proven legally, but does not change the fact that VP Binay is corrupt. SO, what now?

I would really like to see the NTC-National Transformation Council (whatever that means) or any other group do some real transforming and start a campaign to inform the BOBOtantes that there are other choices out there, Men and Women with real concern for the country.
Mainstream Media could also help by limiting coverage for these Senate sponsored MORO-MORO's.

It's a scary thought, knowing that my children will have to grow old in this current state of society we are in now.

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