According to Conrado de Quiros Noynoy Aquino is 'the best speaker among all the postwar presidents' HA HA!

Check out Conrado de Quiros's latest column:
P-Noy has just cemented his position as the best speaker among all the postwar presidents. Including Magsaysay, including Marcos, including Erap. He doesn’t go for bombast, he goes for heart-to-heart. And with it manages to hold the attention of an audience for a long period of time. Last Monday’s Sona was as long as it got—I myself felt it was too long. But I didn’t see anyone, including stalwarts of the opposition, yawning his mouth off. Maybe they were looking for things to criticize, as P-Noy himself suggested they were wired to do. But they were listening. That is no small feat.

Any comment from Senator Bongbong Marcos?

har har!


  1. The court jester is always the first to praise his king...

  2. I'd like to make a really smartass comment, but really, that sort of firepower is just wasted on a dweeb like CDQ.

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble BenK but cockroaches, I read, can survive nuclear holocausts...

    1. Oh, I know. Guys like CDQ are just cannon fodder -- part of the herd of disposable schlubs the powers that be put out in front to keep their opponents busy. I can almost picture Lacierda, Carandang, et al. sitting in the office declaring, "We will drown them in fools!"

  4. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is in a way higher level than BS Aquino. Commie de Quiros, confirmation bias much?

  5. There is a word for people like him . Rhymes with 'bore'.

  6. Brownnosing at its best...... I bet he is immune to the smell and taste of the Penoy' s poop by now.....

  7. Yes,, there are best speakers in beauty pageants and classroom debates... What we expect from the highest position is quality performance in providing the people the service expected from the government...not speeches...


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