Anti-Marcos activists brand Pinoy millenials 'stupid' after failing to 'educate' them. #NeverAgain

This is something the anti-Marcos forces are always having a hard time to counter, though they will never admit it. It is good that there's rightist and [rightness] around quickly offering a counter-view for the other side of the coin, so to speak. And, easily, by contrast, any reader could see how impoverished and cynical their views are.

No big wonder really why, despite all their efforts, the Millennials could not be drawn to their side even if they knelt and begged. So, for their failure to even understand where their arguments fizzle, they resort to simply branding the Millennials as stupid and gullible, and slamming down opinions like yours as sophisticated lies peddled by highly-paid propagandists under the payroll of the Marcoses.

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  1. rightist and Nes (not rightness) were anti-Marcos commenters in the main article.


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