#NeverAgain: An empty slogan that highlights a failure to build a strong nation

#NeverAgain, if they have streamlined the justice system. No, they didn't. In the Yellow Age, the undermining of the Supreme Court as an independent branch of government and a hallowed institution was complete and effective. Cases continue to be settled only after years and decades. Justice has become more selective — it is only available for the moneyed and the well-connected with the powers-that-be.

#NeverAgain, if they have raised the quality of politics. No, they didn't. In the Yellow Age, forward looking ideas are not important. For that matter, it is not about any idea; vision is alien. Instead, emphasis has been, with zest, on ad hominem. Cory set the pace — policies were discussed in the mahjong table. Cabinet positions are not about the best and the brightest; it is about KKK, more about cronies. Politics is removed from reality; they think they are playing a computer game.

#NeverAgain, if legislative agendas are about nation building. No, they ain't. Agendas are negotiated based on the amount of pork barrels. They are not shamed by being seen as voracious. It is bribery, alright. But they don't call it that. They call it by various names — fancy names, fancy programs, all fancy. It is a system institutionalized.

#NeverAgain, if they have stopped media killings. No, they didn't. PHL remains the most dangerous place for media practitioners outside of war zones like Iraq or Syria. They hate making things easy, so FOI can never be approved. Therefore, you know evil is being perpetuated for evil loves darkness. They minimize that massacres in the Yellow Age have been more organized and more premeditated. If #SAF44 was not premeditated, it was nevertheless an organized incompetence.

#NeverAgain, if they have improved the lives of 99% of Filipinos. No, they didn't. Among others, they ignored agriculture to pave the way for smuggling — forget about unemployment. You need jobs? Go abroad; never mind if this separates you from your family. We need your remittances to support the bloated government bureaucracy; never mind about the moral and social cost. We need to make the economic data look good, never mind if in reality it is a donut economy — empty in the middle.

#NeverAgain, if they have improved our standing and reputation in the international community. No, they didn't. We are now seen to be a stupid people because who does the world see in this archipelago? Stupid leaders. Singing talents, beauty queens, boxing champions wouldn't cover the fact that the country is now structured and operated like it was the 14th, 15th, 16th century Europe. Next move is to be like Africa. That to them is improvement because they didn't want to look like Latin America. No wonder, PHL is the basket case of Asia.

#NeverAgain, if they brought the country up to speed with the modern world. No, they didn't. Yellow Age is all about form; at its core is a decaying society — the worst. The worst is the corruption of the best. It is the Age, people no longer know what is good and bad because of all the propaganda coming from all directions. People remain confident because they maintain a faith, or superstitions, and faith could move mountains …somehow, one day. Forgotten is that intelligence is needed where and when those mountains could, or should, be moved.

#NeverAgain??? The Yellows should be the last to say this!!! If they still insist, then it is no longer about the search for truth. If they further insist, then it is no longer about objectivity, but about a smokescreen. They need to cover-up that they have done far worse. Traitors persist because they are very good in creating a bogeyman — they depend on this man, but will not admit it, because they cannot depend on themselves.

#NeverAgain? It is a very good propaganda. But, history, nature, struggles, destiny, karma… are not made because of propaganda. Acts or actions determine such things. So, they could repeat #NeverAgain all they want, but their acts, evil as they have been, determine what would be relevant or not in the end. It is obvious their words reverberate less and less.

(Carmma, you want credibility to your cause? Help as well the families of SAF44 in their search for justice. )

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