Squatters given special treatment to the detriment of business development #squatter

If a disaster occurs in a squatter community, the first people who come are the politicians. They come with their SUVs , bodyguards, alalays, etc.if there is a case between the property owner and the squatters the barangay will advise that the case be brought to the upper courts. The squatter is usually a voter since most land ownersdo not live in the vicinity.

I do remember when I went out to check a property in Pasig, I was asked by the Muslim community to give the 100 sqm property to them. Does the city know that the Muslims and the city accepted the building of a mosque in a residential area. It reflected the squatter thinking of these minority. They can built a multimillion structure in an area given by the government for the poor. I talked with the barangay. The police asked me to sell the property in installment so that he can built an apartment. Bullshit! You ask help from these barangays and othe government officials and there are always strings attached. I remembered I followed the transfer papers in Pasig twenty visits before getting the title and the new tax Dec.

Now I am following up papers in Marikina. Marikina prides itself for it's no squatters. Resettlement. Ironically the resettlements gets their permits faster than a contractor can get from the city engineers. The contractor left the job unfinished and it appears he made the structures without getting the permit . So far twenty visits pa Lang in my follow up for the wiring permit. The city engineer is even asking an undertaking that I cannot sell the property. Grave what the city government can ask you to do. I made the wrong choice of building structures between resettlements. Some lot owners built 4 story buildings without a location plan, without easements but with more budget. They even had the audacity to use our easements.

We businessmen look for return of investments . The government put so much pressure on apartment contractors (7% increase every year, brgy clearance, city permits including fire , sanitary, engineering etc….A p700 th units should at least have a monthly income of p7000th. Rather hard to earn in the outskirt of Marikina.

So many skyscrapers are being built in our cities without proper planning. After the multistory buildings are built the neighboring areas suddenly experience perennial flooding. Ironically the condos are late . There is very little demand for space in the budget of P20th a month. Filipinos as a rule prefer house with lots.
Now the squatters. Why do they stay in their stinking hole. Why leave when our place is accessible to transportation. When we can have business at a
minimal fees.


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