Friday, November 13, 2015

NAIA GM Jose Angel Honrado makes fool of himself in Senate hearing!


I watched Bodet Honrado's performance before the Senate. It's clear that the job of NAIA Gen Manager is too big for him. He is out of place there and should be yanked out before more damage is done to passengers, airlines, tourism, the economy and the country's reputation. 

The lesson here is quite basic. Place people in key positions whose qualifications, experience and track record fit the job. But when people who don't know any better elect the appointing authority, who like them, doesn't know any better, chances are the appointees won't know any better either.

Posted by Rafael Alunan III on Facebook...


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  2. Plezed resign both dotc snd naia chief

  3. Plezed resign both dotc snd naia chief

  4. why is this in the shorts blog? this should be made into a full-scale article in the main grp to highlight the idiocy of this man.


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