Muslims believe theirs is the one true religion

Let's not speculate. Let's deal with fact. Muslims, wherever they are worldwide, are adherents of a monolithic, inflexible and unrelenting religion… Islam. All of them strictly follow the tenets and strictures of the Quran, as well as the Sunnah and the Hadiths which were handed down by their prophet Muhammad.

The Muslim you may encounter in trouble spots like Iraq, Palestine, Nigeria or Syria, are of the same fabric… cut from the same bolt of cloth… as the fractious Muslim in Mindanao, Sulu and Basilan.. and Metro-Manila. All of them are of the same mindset, that is, that theirs is the one true religion and that anybody who says otherwise is an unbeliever.. an infidel, who must either convert or, be taxed heavily, or, be put to death. The Mozarabes.. Spaniards who did not convert to Islam, in the 8th through the 15th century, Moorish Spain.. paid dearly to live in their own country during that period. All these are data gleaned from today's news and from books like 'Introduction to the History of Western Europe', 'History of Spain', and 'History of the Moors of Spain'.

Proceeding from these accounts… the Philippine Muslims who account for about 5% of the population today have become more assertive in their life's quest for a separate identity.. and territory. Their voices are now louder and more strident, their methods more aggressive and deadly. This new attitude matches their growing share of the population; and, is consistent with the flagrant Muslim skirmishes and assaults in other countries… Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium… where Muslim populations have crossed the 5% mark. While we can't say for certain that these developments are inter-connected; given the foregoing accounts, it is reasonable to think so. What is certain is that the consistent weak-kneed, paternalistic and patronizing policy of this, and past administrations has been a prescription for disaster. This stance has allowed an unpleasant local police problem, early on, to transition into a wider and costlier, 'chronic-low-grade insurgency' problem.

The saga of President Aquino's Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which has already attracted international attention, can only exacerbate this problem. It is time to put a stop to this feckless and dangerous experiment.

Please remember.. there are some failed attempts for which there are no second chances.. sky diving, bungee jumping and this BBL.

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