#Philippines society: a premeditated sociopathic trap

You have to admit the common Filipino is one very bizarre creature and as a westerner you will never truly understand them. You see the reason is simply because a westerners mindset is not prehistorically narcissistically hard-wired (thankfully otherwise we would ALSO be third world monkeys).

They can appear so calm, friendly and innocent and it is so easy to fall into their premeditated sociopathic trap which they have instinctively woven. You have to admit it is both beautiful and grotesque at the same time to watch it in action. Forget the chameleon, they are the true masters of disguise in this vast animal kingdom!

Bravo Pinoys you must be truly proud (as only Third World Pinoys with absolutely nothing can be) of your desperate attempts to get out of the disturbing culture that you are solely responsible for, just please leave your culture at home where it belongs and try to assimilate with those higher up on the food chain when you do eventually emigrate to greener pastures or should I dare say bananas!

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