Selective 'human rights' advocacy is giving bleeding-heart Liberals a bad name!

I agree that the West is behind much of the human rights BS being thrown around. Ironically these bleeding hearts – who talk about human rights – are the same people wearing clothing made by exploited slaves in Bangladesh. Even poor people – upon learning about sweat shop abuses – will still buy cheap, third world-produced clothing made by abused, third world workers. If you are going to talk 'human rights' you better walk the walk.

The degree to which due process can be implemented depends on the system. It is unrealistic for a third world country to be expected to follow first world procedures, when its systems are 60 years behind. The laws and procedures are only as good as the people who enforce them. Laws mean nothing without enforcement. If the culture is one of corruption and bureaucracy, how do you get due process?

Even countries who promote 'human rights' often don't follow their own rhetoric. Human rights is 'talked' about by many Western governments for political show, and then these same governments support and have friendships with oil rich dictatorships; some of whom have some of the worst human rights records in the world. I personally heard of a Filipina who worked as a domestic helper in the Middle East; she was severely abused, and came back to the Phils and died from her injuries. You won't hear the politically correct, bleeding heart assholes mention her 'human rights'. They wouldn't want to be culturally 'insensitive' to the Islamists' human right to torture innocent people. Hillary Clinton, who will likely be the next U.S. President, accepts money from a number of Islamic countries with atrocious human rights records. The bleeding heart jackasses are interestingly silent about that too. She will likely lecture the Philippines on human rights, while saying nothing about radical Islam.

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