Obsession with beauty pageants in #Philippines masks deep cultural rot

The number of OFWs is actually a symptom of a greater ailment called LACK OF OPPORTUNITY in the home country. It is not something to be applauded or admired. It is not something borne out of creativity. It is something they are FORCED to endure to SURVIVE. They leave their families and especially kids at home. Their wives or husbands meet JODY and the kids grow up without real guidance from their father. Imagine being a father and not being able to read your kid a bedtime story? Not being to kiss his boo-boo when he is hurt and hug him assuring him he is OK? Seeing him get thrilled when he sees a bird eat some bread he left out? I will not even go into the abuses OFWs endure from their foreign masters. OFWism is a sign of PINOY FAILURE. OFWism is REACTIVE and not PROACTIVE in nature.

Beauty pageants – celebrating fate – reactive
Country progress and no OFWs like Singapore – celebrating accomplishment – proactive

Pinoys do perceive themselves as ugly. Why do you think there are Likas Papaya Whitening soap? Belo whitening? Patangos ng ilong? How many actresses are like Anne Curtis or Maine Mendoza or Gerald Anderson who are mestizo or mestiza cast in protagonist roles? The only ethnic Pinoys cast in role like Rene Requiestas, Amay Bisaya, Apeng Daldal, Chiquito or Richie D'Horsey are portrayed in comical ways as dolts. How can you say that Filipinos think of themselves as beautiful if their bidas are mestizos while their ethnic Pinoys are Cheetae ganda lalake?

Why do you think Pinoys are fanatical about pageants? Because they think a pageant win will MASK from the world what a "real Filipino" would look like. Kaso, hindi naman sing-bobo ng mga Pinoy ang mundo.

Plastic surgery? Are you kidding me? BElo and her fellow plastic surgeons in the P.I. have business booming. Most Pinoys just could not afford it but make a mammoplasty or rhinoplasty plus skin whitening a 500 peso package and all people 18 and over will get those.

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