Can Davao City's "peace and order" outlive the #Duterte dynasty?

The resort to radical methods such as vigilantism suggests a greater failure in the government's duty to protect its people. Leadership skills unfortunately do not automatically proceed from patriotism, however great and noble. I understand the man's love for his city and country but I do not agree with his reasoning.

Drug addicts are not the root of social injustice. From a medical point of view, drug addiction is a mental illness that can possibly result from occult or undiagnosed organic or functional pathology. Relatively incapacitated, these people need professional help, not discrimination, not a death sentence. Not all drug addicts resort to crime. Not all criminals use drugs. Duterte's argument is clearly skewed.

This vigilante system, like political dynasties, is very much vulnerable to abuse. An innocent person with powerful enemies can be easily framed, given over to the death squads. When the State is unable to protect the rights of each citizen, regardless of criminal record, then she fails miserably in her duty to the people.

A truly effective leader has a firm grasp on the nature of our problems, has a clear vision and realistic goals and practical, efficient methods, and is able to motivate his followers to work towards the goal. The character of a president must be one that inspires awe and respect. Strength is not necessarily brutality, and is displayed in self-control and discipline. The quality of leadership is not in the number of his followers–beware of charlatans–but in the sustainable dynamic community he has molded.

When the dynasty of Duterte in Davao will come to an end, how long will the peace and security in his city last?

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