#Philippine #democracy a sham as last pretenses of integrity disappear

There is nothing in politics more hypocritical, egocentric, or dangerous to the well-being of a nation than a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy, except maybe when it is headed by a puppet of big business, who also happens to be a noynoying clown, and, just for good measure, a fawning poodle to barack obama. Woof, woof, – fetch.

Such administrations soon becomes the victim of their own propaganda, ignores its mandate, magnifies inequalities, applies preferential justice and political persecution, and are ultimately unable to separate fact from fiction, right from wrong, and legal from illegal, as pnoy aquino and his cabal of crooks/coven of witches demonstrate repeatedly, ably supported by an unethical media.

Even the pretence of integrity eventually disappears as as the naked drive for power becomes all consuming, with subterfuge and Machiavellian schemes the only order of the day.

Enemies becomes the embodiment of all evil, and its leaders the epitome of all virtue, with the people simply relegated to irrelevant and bemused onlookers, without the means to challenge or change the status quo, and increasingly marginalised with no input or consideration.

Vote-buying and vote-rigging complete the picture of a failed opportunity, a sham democracy, a corrupt elite, and a subservient populace. Personalities, promises and patronage, rather than parties, policies, and performance underpin the political landscape.

PNoy Aquino continues the family tradition of treachery, which knows no bounds in the pursuit for total/continued control, and all actions are underpinned by self-interest, and all decisions motivated by the quest to retain power at all cost, and with any sacrifice – of, and by, others!

The oligarchs and criminals have the country by the balls, and without a change of hearts and minds, (culture and awareness), by the masa, they will only get their cojones squeezed harder by the nutcrackers in power who ensure that protectionist policies enable them to keep wages low, prices high, but without any improvement in service or job creation.

Beyond the spin and the diversions, the facts/key metrics show that corruption has increased to epidemic proportions in the past 3 years, monopoly businesses have benefitted from excessive profits, whilst the acid test of poverty and unemployment levels have worsened.

Colonial slavery has simply been replaced by subjugation, and acceptance of a very divided society, which in reality has little respect in the rest of the world, with its continual victim mentality, begging bowl policies, lies and scams, extending even to the disgrace surrounding Yolanda aid/donations, with rotten people focussed on personal greed, and ignoring rotting food and rotting bodies. How sick and despicable to take advantage of victims of a catastrophe on the one hand, and the generosity of well meaning people on the other. The Philippines deserves no future foreign aid/support with such an attitude.

In terms of foreign policy, the farcical international blunders which PNoy Aquino et al continue to perpertrate, and perpetuate, indicate an island/insular mentality which makes you wonder if they have ever been abroad ( Las Vegas/Los Angeles doesn’t count, nor the money runs to Hong Kong), whether they have any understanding of other cultures, or how the world really works, and also what the real world actually thinks of these little league amateurs with no moral compass.

The US may pat the Philippines on the head like a well behaved little boy – for obvious reasons – but everyone else still regard pnoy aquino and his KKK cohorts as headcases who need a kick in the butt, or a slap round the head.

The international business community has voted with their money – by investing in other ASEAN countries, tourists/visitors depart – via the worlds worst airport – underwhelmed by a country, which may have a few redeeming places, but overall doesn’t merit a trip halfway round the world, and most damning of all, filipinos continue to stream out of the country in record numbers, with most filipinos (70% according to one poll) wanting to leave the country and live ‘the american dream’!!

A dysfunctional society, with a delusional culture in complete denial of reality, as the baton of apathy is passed from one generation to another, with the country getting lapped by its more dynamic neighbours.

Where is the genuine pride and self-respect. Where is the sense of outrage. And where are the aspirational role-models and future leaders. The silent majority remains silent, the educated follow the brain drain, and the remaining middle class keep their head down and their mouths shut.

About time the vicious circle of dynastic power and oligarch control was broken, and genuine progress made, but ultimately only the people themselves can do that, and that seems unlikely.

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a
bird: it would be a lot harder for it to
learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”

C. S. Lewis

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