PNoy using presidential time to campaign for Team PNoy - a dereliction of duties! #juanvote

A sitting president should be above partisanism (or at least should be seen to be above partisanism) in his role as leader of the country. As such his running around on the campaign trail for a ragtag bunch of people who can’t even get along amongst themselves is quite simply irresponsible given his demonstrated lack of skill in being President — which, he needs to be reminded, is his primary day job.

Recall the earliest of the calls we were making to Noynoy back in 2009 leading up to his ascent to power in 2010:
Be a man.
Be a statesman.
This current personal hobby of Noynoy campaigning for “Team PNoy” is an absolute dereliction of his duties as president, not just in terms of the time and resources (all of which are accountable to the public trust) that he spends campaigning for his henchmen, but also in terms of the damage he is doing to efforts to mitigate the divisive effects of partisan politics on the already dysfunctional society that is the Philippines.

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[Above text is based on a comment posted on Get Real Post. Photo courtesy Journey to Samal.]


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